Isabelle is an Arts & Science Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Art History at the University of Toronto. She was awarded her PhD in History of Art from the University of York in December 2019, with her thesis titled: A Circumpolar Landscape: Art and Environment in Scandinavia and North America, 1896-1933.

Her research focuses on the intersections between landscape painting, environmental history and climate change from 1850 to the present day. Among her publications is ‘An Arctic Impressionism? Anna Boberg and the Lofoten Islands’ in Mapping Impressionist Painting in Transnational Contexts, eds. E.C. Burns and A.M. Rudy Price (2021), and additional forthcoming articles relating to coastlines, wilderness ideologies, and Arctic map-making.

Isabelle’s work has, among others, received support from the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Centre, the Canada-UK Foundation, the Humanities Research Centre and the Centre for Modern Studies at the University of York.

For more information on her current research please see the CV page. Or contact at: icbgapp@gmail.com